Come to Pittsburgh for the conferences

From Comicon to trade shows, businesses host conferences for a vast diversity of interests.

Come to Pittsburgh for the collaboration

Several colleges and universities are a short drive from each other. Many of the commutes are shorter than what is found in Boston.

Come to Pittsburgh for the community

With hundreds of townships, buroughs, and neighborhoods in the region, almost any lifestyle can be represented and supported.

Come to Pittsburgh for the commerce

Pittsburgh is more than just "Eds and Meds." The logistic infrastructure left by the Carnegie legacy continues to serve USA based manufacturing.

Come to Pittsburgh to communicate with nature

Pittsburgh has been described as "The Paris of Appalachia" as much for its natural scenic beauty as for its cultural attractions.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Time Video -- Pittsburgh: The Comeback

Emerging from the Fort Pitt Tunnel
Most people are familiar with the Pittsburgh's share of the Rust Belt narrative.  Not nearly as many realize how much the metropolitan area has recovered since the early 1980s.  Even during the Great Recession of 2008, Pittsburgh wasn't hit all that hard.

Even those who know Pittsburgh did not suffer so much, most probably don't know why it was so resilient.  But taking a closer look at the "Eds and Meds" contribution reveals the breadth and depth of that economic contribution.

Enjoy the visceral experience of high tech research contributing amazing discoveries and constructs by clicking on this video:

Carnegie Mellon University's CHIMP robot

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pitching With Precision: London Real Interviews Oren Klaff

When you have only one shot to make the pitch
Oren Klaff talks with Brian Rose of London Real about how you can pitch anything by applying principles from neuroeconomics. This is not your ordinary sales pitch, as it leverages the understanding of what information our brain focuses on and what it ignores.

While Mr. Klaff's primary focus is on securing deals in investment banking, he has also taken the time to sponsor a website and write the book (Pitch Anything ).

No deal is too small to ignore these insights...unless pitching and making the deal doesn't really matter to your business. And if that is so, then why are you spending the energy and resources?

Apropos Pittsburgh: What would be your reaction to finding out that Carnegie Mellon University had done direct research in founding neuroeconomics?

Pittsburgh is the prize!

Not only does the region represent a unique mix of logistics, businesses and research, it knows how to combine them to solve tough interdisciplinary problems.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Aging And Making: Holistic Brain's Founder Speaks On The Elders' Role In The Maker Community

Why did Pittsburgh's mayor become more interested in the Maker Movement? Even before Time magazine reported how the Maker Movement would be important to America's future,  Mayor Bill Peduto had been selected by President Obama along with several other mayors to speak about their efforts to support this movement. The Makers Movement Roundtable offered Mr. Peduto an opportunity to prepare for his trip to Washington, DC.

While much of the meeting focused on efforts of bringing young people through the educational pipeline of Making, relatively little was being offered on behalf of older adults and the elderly. This YouTube video segment captures Holistic Brain's founder, J. Scott Hamilton, speaking about HackPittsburgh's availability as a resource to adult and especially elderly makers.

This study describes how mental stimulation can improve cognitive function in older adults. While Allegheny County is still far older than most of the United States, what matters more for quality of life is not longevity, but vitality.
Implications for nursing practice are identified to help nurses provide mental stimulation to older adults who wish to improve or maintain their cognitive functioning. (Vance and others, 2008)
Joining a club and doing something new are at least two ways to maintain mental vitality, and the Maker Community can certainly provide both to individuals. But from a Pittsburgh regional perspective, having the vast talent reserves of our seniors be allowed to apply to further community quality of life is an opportunity too good to pass up. It showcases our ability to combine the best of "Eds" and "Meds"; education as medicine.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Event (July 25): Aspen Brain Lab Conference

Why: Presenters cover a spectrum of brain and mind study from pathology, vitality, creativity, and the futuristic perspective.

What: Aspen Brain Lab Conference
Where: Aspen, Colorado, USA
When: One day, July 25, 2015 (Annual event)
Who: Speaker list: Because of the diversity of the subject matter, expect practitioners ranging from chanting monks, artists, researchers, and medical practitioners.
Benefit: Aspen Brain Forum, 501(c)3.

Apropos Pittsburgh: One of the featured speakers, Howard Fillit, MD, has collaborated with local entrepreneur Susan Catalano, PhD, on Alzheimer's research.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Golden Circle: Simon Sinek Explains How To Inspire Others [TEDx]

"People don't buy what you do, people buy why you do it."

Mr. Sinek also discusses the "Law of Diffusion of Innovation" and associates decision making to specific brain regions.

Apropos Pittsburgh: Individuals and institutions in Pittsburgh can adopt a small change in their presentations that will bring their causes to life.